Loot2n Rewards

PFP-DAO is not just a fun game, but it also offers economic rewards. 50% of the card looting fees are parked in the Loot2n prize pool for the NFT character you've selected as Captain, with settlements occurring daily at UTC 0. By selecting the character NFT as Captain and proceed a loot action, you're eligible to share 2% of the accumulated funding in the Loot2n pool for that day, divided equally based on weight. By holding character NFTs and looting cards daily, you can effortlessly earn Loot2n rewards.

Day 1:

Select a Captain, participate in card looting, obtain Loot2n eligibility of that character for the day.

Day 2:

At UTC 0, the settlement for "Day 1" is conducted.

Loot2n Rewards = Total Loot2n pool balance of selected Captain character x 2% / Total participated players' weight x Your character's weight

Player perform loot again, triggering the settled Loot2n rewards to be withdrawn into their wallets.

You may change the Captain and loot multiple times to obtain Loot2n eligibility for multiple pools.

Loot2n rewards balance have a validity period of 24 hours. If not withdrawn within this period, it will be remained in the dividend pool for players to share.

Character level and awakening will affect the weight, which can increase Loot2n rewards. You can refer to the next page "Level Up and Awakening" for more details.

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