Vision/ Mission


We will develop a sustainable sought-after metaverse IP brand by leveraging the strength of the community,

Through the influence of this IP brand, we will construct a scalable decentralized, self-governing, transparent, and efficient DAO governance model, enabling community-driven democratic decision-making and resource distribution.


To provide creators with a sustainable revenue solution, encouraging them to produce more valuable IP content, and achieve the goal of co-creation, co-ownership, and share wealth.

  1. Creators' community: By building a creators' community, we aim to offer opportunities for communication, learning, and collaboration, inspiring creativity and innovative thinking among creators.

  2. Support outstanding IPs: For exceptional IPs, we provide additional resources and support, including funding, operations, and promotion, to facilitate their growth and expansion.

  3. Promote the concept of co-creation and co-ownership: We actively advocate and propagate the ideas of co-creation and co-ownership, attracting more creators and stakeholders to join the ranks of value creation, ultimately achieving share wealth together.

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