Creator Economic

Proof of Thought

Tokenization of "Thoughts" for Value Circulation

A "Mining Rig" that is One-time Effort with Lasting Rewards

Simple and Fair Underlying Logic

A Co-Create-to-Earn Win-Win Mechanism

Every post can be considered as a "money-making machine." When a post inspires readers to respond with new content, these extended-posts help the original post generate rewards. Extended-posts are also posts and act like "money-making machines," as they can spark further extended-posts and continue to generate rewards.

We call a direct extended-post a "Fork," and the entire chain of subsequent responses that stem from it are known as the "Branch" of that Fork.

Every time you create a Fork, it costs $2.8 USDC to purchase this "money-making machine." Under specific conditions, a single $2.8 USDC payment can trigger every post of the source inspiration to each earn $2.8 USDC. Yes, one expenditure of $2.8 USDC has the potential to trigger countless $2.8 USDC earnings.

The specific condition is that the rewards a post can generate is limited to all the earnings associated with its third-largest Branch. To explain this in a gamified way:

Forks’ branches contribute points to your post.

Each Branch from a direct Fork is scored separately.

The branches with the most, second most, and third most Forks contribute points known as Sun, Water, and Soil respectively.

Each time the author makes a post, Sun + Water + Soil are consumed, and the author can claim $USDC earnings which are transferred to their wallet.

Consume 1Sun + 1Water + 1Soil, = Rewards $1USDC

Each time a withdrawal is triggered, the system automatically selects the maximum amount available for withdrawal.

The points provided by branches with a lower number of forks are recorded by the system over the long term, but they don’t have a name. Only when they become the branches with the highest, second-highest, or third-highest number of forks do they get assigned the names Sun, Water, and Soil, respectively.

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