Scott Luo - Operations

Scott founded a real estate corporation and expended to 12 offices internationally with 1000+ employees. He joined Illuvium to get into the GameFi industry for his ambition of connecting mainstream with Play to Earn. His guild is full of hardcore players and streamers with enthusiasm, love to play GameFi as exquisite as Mirror Planet. As Operations Director of Mirror Planet, Scott initiated PFP-DAO for the community to co-create contents in the web3 way, for Mirror Planet also possibly many other projects too.

Kevin Ye - Creative

A content creator with over thousands of followers across multiple platforms. He started investing crypto currencies and NFTs since 2017, and and had the honor to involved in the development of numerus crypto project and was invited in a few web3 events. As a passionate gamer, he sees potential future of Gamefi industry, and began to create content for mainstream audiences and educational videos about Play to Earn. Because he has a design background in Architecture Design Degree, he always striving his content to perfection.

Script Money - Tech

A highly experienced and respected blockchain developer and crypto influencer. With an exceptional knowledge of blockchain technology, he has a keen interest in exploring new blockchain projects and technologies, specifically aimed at developers. With almost 15,000 Twitter followers, Script Money regularly shares insightful information and teaches best practices related to Web3 development. His contributions to the blockchain community include building various open-source tools, which have amassed over 500 followers and 400 stars on GitHub.

Chong Ren - Finance

Chong is a finance executive with over 15 years of experience in senior finance position both in China and Australia. As a true entrepreneur keen to challenge the status quo, he build up a fund management business with 2 billion dollars asset within 3 years from scratch after his banking career. Chong started investing crypto currency and NFT in 2019, built an extensive network. He is also a hard core gamer in his spare time.

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