Web2+3 Branding Strategy

PFP-DAO, founded in the era of web3, is committed to achieving sustainable development through a "Web2+3 branding" approach. Our ultimate goal is to establish a highly recognised science fiction IP brand that embodies innovation and sets new trends. We are dedicated to continuously expanding our brand influence and staying at the forefront of our industry.

Co-Creation, United we stand

Encourage both fans and players to participate in co-creation, breaking away from the traditional branding's single output mode, leveraging everyone's strengths to collaboratively bring to life the unique characters and stories that belong to the members of PFP-DAO. Moving forward, we will expand our intellectual property diversity across novels, comics, skits, and TV shows, through community voting.

"Play to Earn" with loot cards and rewards

The highly anticipated looting section is set to launch in May 2023, and it will feature the core mechanism of PFP-DAO: the looting cards. These cards serve as the primary means for players to acquire characters and equipment. By digitising the NFTs of characters, the looting card system enables fans and players to access a digital collection of their favour characters, while also receiving IP dividends as rewards.

Fusion of Virtual and Real World

Our platform brings a unique functionality to your virtual assets, allowing them to be used in real-life. In addition to online interactions, PFP-DAO will also offer a range of pop culture products that fans can purchase in person. With this integration of virtual and real-world experiences, fans can own physical merchandise, participate in offline activities, and even visit a maker hideout.

Game Extension and Ecosystem

By using character NFTs as a gateway to other games, players can be introduced to the PFP-DAO developed games or other gaming projects. PFP-DAO characters can be embedded in various platforms, allowing them to interact with different games and be used in different metaverse environments. This creates a seamless and interconnected ecosystem for the character NFTs to thrive.

Fan Clubs and Diverse Communities

By segmenting cultures and building communities, we can help develop fan clubs in different fields. We select and distribute character NFTs/membership cards for each club, allowing them to establish unique business models and offer exclusive benefits to NFT holders. Each club is responsible for creating and refining their specific business plan, and providing distinct perks to NFT holders.

Incubating Virtual Influencers for Monetising Traffic

We partner with creators to incubate virtual characters as influencers, and aim to achieve a growth of millions followers across multiple platforms, establishing them as virtual internet celebrities. By combining the methods of Web 2 and Web 3, we design a business model for monetising traffic, allowing NFT holders of these characters to generate income. We then reinvest the intellectual property with our creators to jointly enhance brand equity.

Collaborating with Top Tier Brands

We partner with other Web2 and Web3 brands to combine AR, VR, and other cutting-edge technologies, creating inventive online and offline activities. We also team up with builders from various fields to construct a sprawling and complex metaverse where elements can connect and be built upon collaboratively.

Garden - Post Creation Development

We're introducing a creator incentive plan and establishing an IP incubation foundation. In response to community demand, we're providing IP creation training courses and AI introductory courses. We're also offering a plethora of educational materials and practical solutions, enabling everyone to become an artist and creating an easy-to-use creative platform with no barriers to entry.

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