Our success would he the result of the collective efforts of numerous contributors, as reflected in our triangular logo design. This design symbolises our dedication to shared values and mutual benefit. We are honored to have gained the recognition of industry veterans and formed strategic alliances during our initial stages. If you're considering collaborating with us, please don't hesitate to reach out:

Mirror Planet

Mirror Planet is an Augmented Reality Web3 Metaverse game. The game is designed as a replicated version of the earth refer to the actual street and buildings. It encourages players to bring their lifestyle into the game and make financial gains through outdoor exploration.


SeeDAO is a digital city-state dedicated to connect one million Web3 people. It consists of a decentralised digital network and physical locations mapped across the globe, jointly built, governed and shared by SeeDAO members.


BabelDAO are collaboratively creating a sci-fi universe in web3. Our Mission is to create an inclusive, engaging, and ever-expanding science-fiction universe.

Illuvium Simplified Club

Illuvium Simplified Club ISC: We share the same consensus of "popularising P2E", working together to mainstream Web3 Gaming. In order to help more adventurers, we have created a discord server to host community, game strategy library, economic model research, Illuvium Wiki, various game tools and more!!

W Labs

W Labs is an organization focusing on the vertical track of blockchain gaming. With original content output as the core, it also provides research and analysis, model building, operations consulting and other services of blockchain gaming projects.


Web3 transformation takes technology talent, culture and resources. Masverse aspire to accelerate Web3 adoption in Malaysia by building an ecosystem that put them all to work-in one place.


MyShell is an open AI creative and consumption platform. Based on advanced AI models, MyShell brings the natural human-computer interaction between human and AI in science fiction scenes into reality, creating the next interactive platform of tens of millions of levels.

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