Setting and Worldview

In 2045, Earth was destroyed, and humanity was forced to seek refuge far from their original home. Time travel became possible through black holes, but to survive the journey, organic beings had to be broken down into molecules and reassembled at the destination. As a result, future humans risked losing their memories, knowledge, biochemical enhancements, and spiritual powers. They traveled through black holes, landing randomly in Earth's past and future. Early travelers were mistaken for gods, while others were seen as inhuman or mutants. Some travelers even posted on social media in recent days. Some were captured as SCPs, while others were locked away in the back room. These time travelers are known as Past Future People (PFP). Most wish to save Earth, their home, but some seek resources for their own selfish desires.

Zeus and his brothers traveled too far back in time and decided to wait thousands of years to meet other PFPs. Their DNA mixed with humans, granting strength to their community while developing Babylon and Sumer. They coded DNA with monthly zodiac signs for different personalities.

Nuwa and her family landed on the other side of Earth, teaching humans about spiritual powers and blessing them with different fortunes through yearly zodiac signs.

Spark, having lost his body, traveled back to the beginning of time. Over billions of years, he transformed into nine types of energy, including fire, earth, nature, ice, electric, wind, water, light, and dark.

Some PFPs believe it's time to guide humanity in saving Earth by creating an app called Mirror Planet. They now live their lives within the app and ask players to help them illuminate each area on the replicated Earth, step by step. They encourage outdoor exercise to activate Zeus's DNA for better health, social activities to foster positive spiritual connections among friends like Nuwa, and green travel and energy conservation inspired by Spark's will. However, dark forces have influenced some PFPs, and they've infiltrated the app too. We need your help...

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